Skip to the content. is an umbrella project for coupled-oscillator-based optimization solvers.

Our core project is DIMPLE: Digital Ising Machines from Programable Logic, Easily! It’s the first asynchronous oscillator-based solver that can be deployed on FPGAs. With all-to-all coupling and a state-of-the-art number of spins, DIMPLE is a great platform for prototyping new applications that leverage oscillator-based solvers.

We also develop a fork of the Simulated Bifurcation package, enabling users to program DIMPLE using PyTorch. By making DIMPLE easy to use, this package lets users without hardware expertise build new algorithms powered by oscillator-based solvers.

We have a Discord community as well – if you’re interested in this technology, you should join the conversation! As new projects spring up that leverage DIMPLE for different applications, they’ll be listed here.

I’m also looking into ways to help anybody easily run workloads on these systems for a low price! That may take the form of a cloud service, or potentially a devkit. If you’re interested, join the Discord to provide some feedback and help us make that a reality!

I also personally blog about DIMPLE, among other things, at!